Real-world practical advice from a small-business veteran to help you realize your own  entrepreneurial dreams while maintaining a healthy work-life balance
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The art of release vs. control



  • Learn practical skills to stay focused and organized.  
  • Understand and appreciate the value of tension in your life. 
  • Make decisions based on your vision vs. your emotions.  
  • Step into a whole new mindset of abundance, opportunity and small wins.  
  • See yourself through your true potential, gifts and abilities.  
  • Learn to understand and appreciate your family and your team members and how to remove obstacles so they can flourish.  
  • Learn skills to become self-aware so you can effectively lead yourself.  
  • Expand your mind by creating white space, where you can imagine yourself in places you would never have thought possible.
  • Design and build a legacy that will outlive you.

Voices of Frustration

Marketing Agency Founder/Owner

Meet Sarah – She started her marketing agency two years ago and business has really been booming. She has a part-time assistant.

Sarah has tremendous talent and creativity and loves meeting with her customers and helping them grow their businesses. But she’s been falling behind lately because she’s having a hard time keeping up with the many projects she has and client requests have been falling through the cracks. Just last week, one of her biggest clients took their business to another firm. She has been meaning to call to determine why they made that decision, but she is just to busy.  

With two young kids and so many projects demanding so many hours, she has been feeling overwhelmed, tense and guilty. She just feels she is drowning in her responsibilities. She told a friend that she is beginning to feel like she has built a prison for herself, without remembering to build a way out. Ultimately, Sarah is beginning to consider closing down the agency as the only real way out.

Dental Practice Business Manager

Meet Jane – For more than 10 years, she has been serving as business manager for a well-established, privately owned dental practice. She has three full-time business office staff.

Dr. Sherman built the business on genuine caring for his clients and doing good work. He is busy Monday through Friday with a full caseload. Jane loves the family environment, but earnings have been flat over the last three years.  

Although she is motivated and growth-minded, she has started to feel stuck. She recently received an offer from the national chain, Smiles Dental, which would result in a 20% increase in compensation. Despite their awful reputation as a corporate numbers-driven business, she is considering it.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sherman reluctantly attended a leadership conference and to everyone’s surprise, returned with an enthusiastic business-building vision to increase earnings. He has asked Jane to help him put this vision into practice. Although she is excited by the prospect and opportunity for personal growth, she does not know where to begin. She is scared, and her mind refuses to settle.  

Physical Therapy Clinic Director

Meet John – He’s a motivated high-achiever who has served as Clinic Director for a reputable regional physical therapy group for the past five years. John has a team of 12 employees, with six licensed physical therapists and six support staff. He’s been frustrated lately with the constant struggle he has experienced to find and keep good team members. In his experience, people just don’t have a good work ethic and don’t “get it.”  

He’s not asking for the impossible. He just wants his team to do the basics – be friendly, stay organized, keep the schedule full, and do what is necessary to keep the patients coming back.

John is not only Clinic Director, he carries a full patient case-load and is the group’s top producer, seeing more patients than any other member of his clinical team. He actually has a waiting list of patients who will only see him! This appears to be fine with the other therapists, who seem to be more concerned with checking their social media. They even seem relieved when a patient cancels and they can go home early.

Thanks to this unbalanced distribution of the caseload, John has been putting in more  than 60 hours a week. He is getting burned out and is tired of the fight. His relationship with his wife is stale and they are growing more distant. He is seriously considering quitting. Despite the big hospital system’s poor reputation, they are always looking for qualified therapists, and he could just stop dealing with the constant struggle.

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